The following curriculum is designed for undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to augment their bachelors degree with practical security skills. This may also be used as a guide for graduate students and undergraduates in other departments.

Security is an incredibly complex field that has tremendous breadth and depth in many areas.  As a result of this, we design our curriculum to provide students with a complete core education that they can use to develop their skills in any area of security.


If you’re new to the OSIRIS Laboratory and new to security, you should do the following:


Cyber Security Club

The Cyber Security Club is an open weekly seminar run by the OSIRIS lab. Every week during the semester students, researchers, and industry professionals give formal lectures and presentations on a variety of topics related to security. All Cyber Security Club lectures are selected specifically for their relevance to modern security and usefulness to students.

Hack Night

Hack Night is an open weekly training session run by the OSIRIS lab. Hack Night training materials are based on archived Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis and Application Security courses. The material from these courses is still highly relevant and practical, but has been worked into the official curriculum in other ways. It’s recommended that all security students attend Hack Night for at least one full semester to learn this material.


If you’ve been in the lab for a while and you understand the basics, you can start to develop more advanced skills by doing the following:


CTF Team

If you enjoy Hack Night and want to start being serious about developing practical offensive security skills, you should join our CTF Team. On the CTF Team, you’ll engage in offensive security competitions hosted around the world and you’ll be involved in relevant security research.


Working on relevant and useful projects will allow you to apply what you’ve learned so far and sharpen your skills.


You cannot determine if you’ve reached this level. You must be told.


Hackers In Residence

Our Hackers in Residence will handpick students from the CTF Team who show exceptional skill to work on targeted security research.  This will give you a chance to work on practical, challenging security research under the advice of our Hackers in Residence.


Optional Courses

These are courses that are not essential to understanding the core concepts of security, but would augment your security education.