NYUSEC is the OSIRIS Lab’s CTF Team.  The team regularly participates in offensive security competitions around the world like DEFCON CTF, UCSB iCTF, and Plaid CTF.  You can see our CTFtime team profile here.  We look forward to playing against you in future CTF competitions!

Interested in joining the CTF Team? Solve some of these challenges: http://recruit.isis.poly.edu



  • 17th place overall (10th academic) in UCSB iCTF 2017
  • 20th place in BSides SF CTF 2017
  • 2nd place in UConn CyberSEED CTF 2016
  • 45th place in PlaidCTF 2016
  • 54th place in BKP 2016
  • 33rd place in HackIM 2016
  • 9th place in CSAW CTF Finals 2015
  • 52nd place in CSAW CTF Quals 2015
  • 55th place in DEFCON Quals 2014
  • 33rd place in BKP 2014
  • 45th place in GitS 2014
  • 21st place in UCSB iCTF 2013
  • 33rd place in rwthCTF 2012
  • 18th place in RuCTFe 2012
  • 13th place in CSAW CTF Final Round 2012
  • 39th place in CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2012
  • 29th place in IFSF CTF Quals 2012
  • 17th place in UCSB iCTF 2011
  • 29th place in rwthCTF 2011
  • 30th place in UCSB iCTF 2010
  • 5th pace in CSAW CTF Final Round 2010
  • 35th place in CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2010
  • 7th place in CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2009
  • 28th place in UCSB iCTF 2008


You can read our writeups for various problems on our blog.


For a list current members, see the Students and Alumni page.

Previous Members

Alan Huang
I am currently an undergraduate at NYU Poly with a strong interest for cyber security. I am currently spending most of my free time learning how to improve my skills in various fields like web security, reverse engineering, and etc. In my spare time, I enjoy sleeping, video games, chess, and playing CTFs. I have taken part in multiple CTFs with Brooklynt Overflow and enjoy learning from each and every one. Also, I am not a weeaboo, unlike Jeff.

Christopher Surage
Hello my name is Christopher Surage, and I am currently a member of the CTF team at NYU Poly. I am pursuing a master’s degree in computer science with an emphasis in cyber security. I received my bachelors of Engineering in electrical engineering with an emphasis in embedded systems design from SUNY Stony Brook. I have also been working for Northrop Grumman since 2009, with half of that time spent in hardware design and the other half in software design (I can do it all). My areas of academic interest are in: security, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, and game programming. In my spare time I enjoy playing billiards, and exercising.

Evan Jensen
Evan Jensen, a senior at NYU-Poly, was the TA for NYU-Poly’s first ever course on browser exploitation and taught exploitation to noobs and memory corruption virgins alike. Evan has been a finalist in Haxathon Supremacy and CSAW 2012, and has been leading Brooklynt Overflow since early 2012. In his free time, Evan audits open source projects and writes mostly unimportant security related software.

Jim Klopchic
Jim Klopchic is an undergraduate member of the ASPIRE program at NYU-Poly focusing his studies in security and game programming. Jim has participated in CTF’s with NYU-Poly’s team for over 2 years. Initially being only barely able to solve some trivia challenges, Jim has increased his skills in many fields from some reverse engineering to network administration becoming still able to barely solve trivia challenges. Jim spends his free time reading political papers, playing chess among other games, and working to perfect his body image.

Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander develops software on the iOS and Mac platforms and has an interest in security, especially on mobile. He wants to see security being talked about more in software teams and is currently writing a paper about his research auditing iOS applications.

Julian Cohen
Julian Cohen is a security researcher from New York City. For the past three years, Julian has run NYU Poly’s world-renowned CSAW CTF competition. When he isn’t finding bugs or developing exploitation techniques, Julian spends his downtime writing technical articles and participating in CTF competitions around the world. In the past, Julian has competed in CTF competitions with MobileDisco, PainSec, and Hates Irony. Julian occasionally uses computers.

Kai Zhong
Kai Zhong is currently a computer security student at NYU-Poly. He has an interest in web security, reverse engineering and has written a few challenges for CSAW CTF. He can usually be found in the ISIS lab during CTFs, when he’s working on a project and (most importantly) when there’s free food.

Kevin Chung
Kevin Chung is a student at NYU-Poly and spends time at its computer security research lab. He uses his time to play in CTFs, do security related things, internships, and grade network security class papers.

Marc Budofsky
Marc Budofsky is a graduate student at NYU-Poly, pursuing his masters in CS with a focus in Cyber Security. Prior to coming to NYU-Poy he attended Binghamton University, completing a BS in Computer Engineering in May 2011 and an MBA with a concentration in MIS in May 2012. Since coming to NYU-Poly, Marc has become involved in the ISIS Lab and was co-captain for the High School Forensics (HSF) challenge at CSAW.

Moshe Kaplan
Moshe Kaplan graduated this past May from NYU-Poly with a BS in Computer Engineering. He is a recipient of the Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) and has been confused as being Moshe Caplan many times. He has interned with Sandia National Labs, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), and Green Charge Networks, a startup in smart grid technologies.He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at NYU-Poly in CyberSecurity.

Nitin Jami
Nitin is a grad student and will be graduating in summer, 2013. He is currently interning at Interpidus Group, Inc. which specializes in giving security assessments for embedded devices. With this opportunity he is interested in learning about Android internals, and spends most of the time researching about it. He likes to participate in as many CTF’s as possible and in his spare time works on past CTF’s challenge.

Siavash Safaei
Siavash Safaei is pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Security. He has 3.5 years of experience in web application and network penetration testing in a CERT center. His interests are reverse engineering, malware analysis, and web application security assessment. He enjoys mixing music and exercising in his spare time.

William Glen
I am a small flightless bird.

Nick Anderson
Nick is a new graduate student at NYU Polytechnic in Cyber Security. Upon completing his bachelors degree in Mathematics from the University of Wyoming and helping to found the Cyber Defense Action League, Nick picked locks and brewed beer in the Wyoming Plane-lands for a few years before venturing to the concrete jungle to learn the ways of Binjitsu. Nick is also a pretty huge fan of Muffins.

Darwin Yip
I like fish and security. I’m not very good at computers since I still can’t reproduce the results from HHGTTG. Aside from that, I enjoy CTFs and bodybuilding.